Why is SilverPure Skin Cream so revolutionary?

Elemental Silver Bars
Through the exciting new world of Nanotechnology, SilverPure products are created using real elemental silver metal to manufacture our silver nanoparticles. We re-refine the .999+ silver metal and produce ultra pure silver nanoparticles that are .99999+ in fineness.

Elemental Silver Clusters
SilverPure products contain over 35,000 ppm (parts per million) in silver nanoparticles. We offer the highest silver content currently available on the market. While SilverPure products are light grey in the containers, a thin film rubbed on the skin becomes clear. The light grey color in our creams is characteristic of the actual nanocrystalline silver particles suspended in the skin emollient.

Elemental Silver Skin Cream
 Why use silver nanoparticles on the skin?
 Because it really WORKS!!
 Try it and you'll be a believer too.   

SilverPure skin care products contain nanocrystalline & microcrystalline pure silver particles in a 100% natural cream.  One ounce of SilverPure cream contains over one billion particles of real silver!  SilverPure products combine technology and nature to bring you an effective and natural skin product that contains no harmful chemicals.  SilverPure is 100% chemical free. 

The secret to what makes our silver more effective is in how the silver particle is produced.  We use pure silver metal to produce nanocrystalline silver particles of various shapes and sizes. This process is a very different approach than the traditional ionic silver method of producing medicinal silver currently used by other companies.

This diagram shows a reactor used in the manufacturing of the SilverPure skin cream product line. Great care is taken so that our silver products contain an even amount of silver particles throughout the mixture. This assures that the correct amount of silver is contained in every use so that the product works effectively on every application.

About Our Process

We start out with raw .999+ fine elemental silver metal. We separate silver atoms in a chemical and electrolytical process and produce microcrystalline and nanocrystalline particles of elemental silver that are just billionths of a meter in diameter and .99999+ in fineness. We are able to produce elemental particles that set SilverPure apart from other
silver skin care products.
We understand that it sounds pretty unconventional to rub elemental silver metal on your skin, but actually history is on our side when it comes to the health benefits of silver. Once the process of transforming elemental bars of silver or silver shot into silver in a powdered form is complete,  the silver takes on a whole new composition that is easily added to an emollient and rubbed on the skin where it is extremely effective.

If you have a slow-healing wound or any number of other skin conditions that just won't go away with over the counter options, try our silverpure skin cream and you'll see why we are so excited to get the word out!!